DS Watkins

Art and words have enchanted me for as long as I can remember.
As I am painting with oil and cold wax,
or applying hot encaustic wax-
as I add collage-
or make poetry-
or write exquisite letters with calligraphy-
and perhaps assemble it into a book form,
I am forever exploring the fascinating facets
of mark-making.
In doing so, I have found the ultimate path to imbue my art with my voice.

DS Watkins


Here is a view you don’t really get to see of my art. As I begin a new series, I choose a quote or poem or saying that speaks to my being, for this moment.

I think of the colors those words make me feel and see, what form the composition may take, and then write the words on the board, intentionally imbuing their meaning within me, within the board. It is a prayerful playful process for me. 

Here, then is a peek into the first, second and final stage of a painting. It’s always rather thrilling to see what unfolds and takes hold from those first thoughts.